Host Paid Work Experience and On-the-Job Training Opportunities

At the Employ NV Youth Hub, we need local employer partners like you to provide young Nevadans age 16-24 with opportunities to learn while they are on the job.

We will work hands on with you to design Paid Work Experience and On-the-Job Training (OJT) opportunities that enable local youth to explore a variety of in-demand careers. This gives them the opportunity to gain the critical soft skills, occupational knowledge, hard skills, and abilities needed to advance along their career pathway. All youth participating in Paid Work Experience opportunities are compensated by the Employ NV Youth Hub and we serve as the employer of record. For On-the-Job Training opportunities for higher skilled positions, we reimburse a portion of the wages for employees that become part of your organization through direct hire.

If you are interested in learning more about how you can partner and provide youth with opportunities to earn and gain new skills, please submit an interest form below. An experience Business Liaison or Job Developer will reach out to provide more information.

Partner with Us

As the demand for a high-skilled labor force grows, consider utilizing the younger adults population to meet those labor demands.  Partnering with us to offer an Earn & Learn opportunity offers you a low cost, low risk pipeline to meet your recruitment needs and allows you an opportunity to mentor future talent.

Offered to employers at no cost or obligation:

  • • Work experience placements for short-term projects with wages and workers compensation paid directly to youth through Employ NV Youth Hub.
  • • On-the-job training for higher skilled positions with  reimbursement of a portion of wages for a period TBD based on qualifying factors,
  • • Reasonable accommodations provided.
  • • Site visits to monitor participants and ensure your satisfaction.