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How to Write a Successful Business Plan

The business plan provides a roadmap for your venture. It will contribute to your long term success and help you avoid costly mistakes for your business. Topics covered include the basic elements of a business plan, how to link the various aspects of your business, creating a sound marketing plan & using tools to research your consumer target, standards for effective cash flow & SCORE’s Excel Financial Model and using your plan with different audiences. The class covers everything you need to create a successful roadmap for your business.

How To Use Podcasts for Your Business

If your elevator pitch is 30 seconds, what would you say if you had 30 minutes? Merrill Loechner, Chief Storyteller and Podcast Producer with Smith Douglass Associates, will be speaking on why podcasts have grown so explosively over the past few years. Who listens to podcasts and where? What podcasts are out there that you should be listening to? How can you be a featured guest on someone’s podcast? Should you try to produce your own? Come learn more about why podcasts are growing more and more important in the business world.

Business Canvas Model 101

The Business Model Canvas was proposed by Alexander Osterwalder in 2005 and is still a valuable building block for any entrepreneur. The Business Model Canvas will help you better describe, visualize, assess, and pivot your business. Let’s move your business plan from a napkin to the Business Model Canvas and to fruition. Learn more about the nine boxes within the model and how to use this tool to best serve you.